One platform. Every VOLO app.

VOLO Operations System combines every VOLO tool in one central platform shared across your entire organization.

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Open API

Open architecture means you can connect data feeds from virtually any source directly into OS, explore endless possibilities.


The map is available no matter where you navigate in VOLO. Using "Map" Critical businuess intelligence is just a click away.


Our platform is built around one of the most customizable database structures in the industry


VOLO’s platform is designed to be utilized by every team within the organization via role-based permissions system.


VOLO messenger takes the guess work out of message sending. VOLO’s unique hybrid system provides users with the most advanced features available while simultaneously keeping the user experience simple and easy. VOLO’s powerful messaging engine also delivers real-time, two-way communication with individual contacts or groups.


Perhaps the most powerful yet understated application on the VOLO platform. Data accuracy is at the core of any database-driven software. VOLO’s automated data analysis software is constantly scouring your database and actively “filling in the gaps”.

Site Manager

VOLO’s site manager application gives you the tools you need to manage remote sites and locations. You can collaborate with on-site team members, communicate with staff, and even share all of this data with your executive team in real time. Combine site manager with any of VOLO’s other applications for even more capability.


The “Internet of Things” is poised to become the next technological revolution. VOLO has already developed the application you need to pull all those distinct feeds and devices together on a single easy platform. When you combine IQ with Messenger you can even set up custom alerts for individuals or entire teams.


VOLO’s timeline is an automated assistant that helps you focus on what’s most important to you. Every VOLO user is  different. Timeline allows you to you set up custom alerts and monitoring for your world.


VOLO portal brings an entirely new element to the message delivery and contact management business. While most portals allow contacts to login, view, or even edit their contact info, the VOLO portal takes it a few steps further. 


VOLO Messenger takes the guess work out of message sending

  Reach phone, SMS, email, and mobile app simultaneously

 Launch intelligent surveys 

 Auto conferencing

 Select records from groups or geo-selection

 Automated scenario launch from event triggers

 Subscribe to message feeds


EventCenter is the future of business intelligence software


EventCenter is built around capturing event data. Some events are critical, and require triggering  automated communication workflows. Other events just need to be captured for overall reporting.


Timeline provides insight at every level. As a manager you no longer have to report every detail around an event. Timeline automatically takes care of reporting the details. As an executive, timeline is your window into every event and every detail.


Attached to any event is a forum that provides a powerful collaboration workspace for managers and staff while giving executives a birds eye view into the conversation.


Having the the right information in the right place at the right time is everything. No more digging around for action plans and forms. Docs has everything you need just a click away.


EventCenter is the future of business intelligence software

Messenger Integration

Messenger is the single most powerful integration into event center. Messenger allows you to communicate up and down the chain at the click of a button, all from within the EventCenter application.


Subscription based automated messaging throughout the organization. Whether you’re an associate, manager, or executive, you no longer have to wait for someone else to make the decision to keep you informed. Feed allows you to choose how you receive messages and what you wish to receive them for.


Every organization has one or more locations. Most events occur at or are associated with a location. EventCenter lets you capture and share important location data such as delayed opening, closings, and other important status information. Every business is unique and even locations within the same business often serve a different purpose. EventCenter allows you to customize every locations status forms.

Org Chart

EventCenter links to your companies Org Chart, providing structure to EventCenter’s role based access, which in turn fuels our powerful automated messaging.


  Licensed based on use

  Check in requests

  Desktop popup messages

  Panic button programming

  Enterprise calendar integration

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