Powerful Communication Tools at Your Fingertips

Send Critical Messages

to everyone in your organization

VOLO provides a suite of software communication tools to help you keep your operations running smoothly. When you need to get your message out quickly, Messenger gives you the power in the palm of your hand.

High Speed Communications & Monitoring

VOLO's web platform and mobile application make communicating with your staff members easy and effective. Whether you need to send a simple communication in a timely manner or manage an emergency situation, VOLO provides a wide variety of ways to manage your organization's communication needs.

What can Messenger do for your organization?

Here are just a few examples of how others are utilizing VOLO's communication tools.

Get your message across in multiple ways

VOLO Messenger allows you to easily craft messages to be sent through voice calls, SMS text messages, email, push notifications, and more. Every person in your organization has a preferred method of communication. When you need to get your message out on time, you can guarantee that nobody gets left behind.

Send critical messages from desktop or mobile

Whether you're sitting at your desk or on the go, VOLO Messenger provides easy-to-use features to help you quickly craft and send your important messages without interruption. Easily craft messages on the fly or save message scenarios for planned events and launch them with the press of a button. Messenger makes it easier than ever to get your important messages out and keep operations running smoothly and safely.

Collect valuable feedback with Smart Surveys

Messenger allows you to craft surveys with customizable questions and answer trees for any situation. Answers can easily route to different follow-up questions depending on which selection is made. You can also customize completion pages to give specific instructions based on how recipients respond. Like other message scenarios, surveys can even be scheduled to go out automatically on specific days and times.

Panic Buttons for Staff-Triggered Alerting

When the stakes are higher and a message needs to get out with the utmost urgency, Messenger scenarios can be launched by employees in the form of panic buttons on their mobile device. Determine the message recipients, message formats, and communication in advance and deliver the messages any time with the swipe of a button. All Panic Buttons are fully customizable and can be made for virtually any situation.

Reverse Conference Calling

Some situations require a live conversation between multiple team members as quickly and easily as possible. VOLO's reverse conference bridge allows you to set up a Messenger scenario in advance with all contacts needed on a conference call. When the scenario is launched, all participants will receive a phone call and be merged into a conference line. Conference Bridges can also be acativated by panic buttons for ease of use.

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