VOLO Applications

VOLO Operations System (OS) is our next-gen open architecture platform. Built on HTML5, OS combines every VOLO application and even 3rd party applications in one central platform.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

IoT Monitoring and Alerting

Emergency Communications

Organizational Tools


VOLO offers customizable licensing for every app and tool across the entire suite.


Share, Share, Share. VOLO’s platform is designed to be utilized by every team within the organization. This is accomplished through an extremely robust role-based permissions system.


In addition to providing contact management, the VOLO portal features VOLO’s proprietary message feed, individual privacy and contact preference settings, a dynamic “what's new” slide show, a forum for communication with other contacts, a calendar for message receipt scheduling and so much more.


VOLO’s Virtual Switchboard is a cloud-based PBX phone system that will field calls into your phone system in the event that system goes down or becomes unavailable for any reason.


VOLO’s unique hybrid system provides users with the most advanced features available while simultaneously keeping the user experience simple and easy. VOLO’s powerful messaging engine also delivers real-time, two-way communication with individual contacts or groups.

Site Manager

VOLO’s site manager application gives you the tools you need to manage remote sites and locations, collaborate with on-site team members, communicate with staff, and even share all of this data with your executive team in real time. 

Bulletin Board

VOLO’s Bulletin Board™ is a fully customizable inbound notification system designed specifically to meet your organization's needs. 


VOLO can connect into virtually any contact database automatically to keep the system updated. Users can view and edit their settings, information and preferences from anywhere, anytime.


The “Internet of Things” is poised to become the next technological revolution. VOLO has already developed the application you need to pull all those distinct feeds and devices together on a single, easy platform. When you combine IQ with Messenger, you can set up alerts for individuals or entire teams.


VOLO’s comprehensive solution includes around-the-clock monitoring and alerting for severe weather events throughout the USA. VOLO will notify your staff whenever severe weather is targeting their specific location.

VOLO OS is fully customizable

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