Launch a scenario with the click of a button.

At VOLO we believe in simplicity. Our engineers and user interface design team have simplified the complex. Imagine making something as complex as sending thousands of messages, throughout the globe, to distinct recipients, via dozens of different message modes and doing it all with just one click.

VOLO Launchpad for pre-programmed scenarios

With Launchpad you have access to up to 15 different scenarios on a single keyboard with a single click. Wasted seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Create commonly used or emergency scenarios and send them off with just the click of a button. VOLO Launchpad puts the power in your hands.

False Alarm Prevention

Having the power to communicate an emergency is just as important as making sure the wrong message doesn't get sent out at the wrong time. False alarms can have catastrophic consequences and are often times newsworthy events. Read VOLO's white paper on panic button best practice and false alarm prevention.

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VOLO Click for panic and emergency situations

VOLO’s Panic button technology isn’t simply a button. Our panic systems have been designed to be triggered by anyone who has access and needs assistance. Our integrated panic system is available via landline line phones, mobile phones, desktop computers and yes even using a single button through our integration with IoT connected devices and systems we can program automated Panic scenarios and message campaigns.

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