Learn more about Daily Health Self-Assessments and Contact Tracing.

Daily Health Self-Assessments

VOLO’s web based survey tool makes it easy for your organization to gather and track critical data with employees returning to the workplace. Surveys can be designed to route to different questions based on responses and include additional instructions as necessary.

Survey links are sent to each recipient through text messages, email, and push notifications through the Volo Touch mobile app. Once a survey is set up, it can be deployed to repeat automatically on certain days and times so you can focus on the results and keeping your staff healthy.

Easy to use mobile survey

Self assessment surveys can be taken in any web browser and within the Volo Touch mobile app. Surveys can quickly and easily be taken by every employee each day before work.

Easily identify results upon arrival

As employees arrive to work each day, management can easily verify whether each individual has completed their daily self-assessment and whether or not the results are satisfactory for their return. Each survey response can be programmed to receive appropriate symbols and additional instructions upon completion.

Track responses in real-time

View all survey results as they come in through the Volo web platform. VOLO's web platform offers additional tools for administrators to follow up with concerned individuals for more information.

Employee Contact Tracing

By deploying the Volo Touch app to members of your organization, their location can be tracked throughout the day while within their location's geofence. Once a staff member has been identified as potentially contagious, VOLO's Contact Tracing tool can be used to generate a report of which other staff members have come within proximity of them and identify the duration of time and distance for further investigation.

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