Active Shooter Awareness Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can we implement the solution?
In most cases the basic VOLO ASAP solution can be implemented within 48 hours of placing the order, however the solution can be implemented in as little as one hour. Custom solutions can take as long as 30 days.
Are there any additional costs?
Your basic ASAP subscription comes with everything you need and there are no additional fees. Clients opting for custom solutions may incur additional fees. Please see fee schedule.
How do I access my ASAP solution?
VOLO ASAP includes a web interface and smart phone application. The web interface can be accessed from any web browser and is used for managing your account. The smartphone app is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Are there required resources?
There are no additional required resources to use VOLO ASAP.
What additional options are available?
VOLO provides dozens of options for customizing the ASAP package. Additional options include hardware-based panic buttons as well as IoT integration with alarm systems, automatic doors, or virtually anything that is internet ready.
What happens when panic is launched?
Every employee and local authorities are instantly notified via automated voice call, text message, email alert, desktop pop-up and push notifications. VOLO's enterprise-grade network is capable of sending thousands of simultaneous communications. Every client specifies their panic scenario communication list.
What sort of training is available?
Training is designed to be both quick and easy. System administrators are trained to use VOLO in one thirty minute session. Learning how to install and use the app can take as little as fifteen minutes. Included in each VOLO ASAP subscription are best practices, which include quarterly drills for the entire staff.
Does VOLO provide a user guide?
Yes, VOLO ASAP includes a user guide for the both the administrative website as well as the smart phone application.
What sort of contract is required?
VOLO ASAP is a three year term.
What exactly are we buying?
You are licenesing access to the most sophisticated enterprise-grade messaging and response platform available. Each ASAP account includes five key features. Click here to view our brochure.
Is there ongoing support available?
VOLO provides ongoing web-based support as well as updated best practices and drill support.
Does VOLO offer custom solutions?
YES. Although the basic ASAP package is highly capable, some larger clients may require custom solutions. Contact VOLO Sales for more information.
How does it all work?
VOLO is an enterprise-level emergency response and communication platform. VOLO ASAP works by combining a series of proactive and reactive systems to help report and prevent active-shooters and increase response times and awareness during an active-shooter event.
What is Tip Center?
Tip Center is an intelligent multimedia tip reporting system.

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