VOLO for Higher Education

Customized Solutions for Educational Institutions

Higher education institutions are among the most complex users of messaging and communication technology in the industry. With dozens of locations spread across huge campuses, and responsibility for employees, faculty and students, the challenges are vast. VOLO’s platform delivers multiple applications tailored towards your institution's specific needs.
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Targeted Communications

Our robust permissions provide message sending capability to every level of your institution. VOLO’s platform is in use for applications ranging from automated staffing, to code alerts and even real-time employee tracking and safety check-ins.

Desktop Popup Alerts

With desktop popup you can instantly send vital communications to hundreds of computers simultaneously to ensure that important information reaches everyone, everywhere, immediately.


Create geo-fences around your campus to track activity of faculty of students as they come and go from the premises. Specially target communications to people who are on campus during an emergency in real time.

Location-Based Check In 

Whether there's a natural disaster taking place or you need to routinely check in when you arrive at your destination, the VOLO Touch app allows staff members to communicate their location and status to their organization with the press of a button

Emergency Panic Button

VOLO’s Panic button technology isn’t simply a button. Our panic systems have been designed to be triggered by anyone who has access and needs assistance. In the event of an emergency, real-time GPS coordinates can be sent with the touch of a button.

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