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VOLO was one of the pioneers in the government mass messaging space. Since that time, the technology has evolved at a breakneck pace. What was once cutting edge for local and state government is now antiquated. VOLO’s newest platform incorporates all of today’s most cutting-edge technology.
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Mass Notifications

Our robust permissions provide message sending capability to every level of the organization. VOLO’s platform is in use for applications ranging from automated staffing, to code alerts and even real-time employee tracking and safety check-ins.

Internal Communications

VOLO's powerful communications tools allow organizations to send a variety of message types to thousands of employees simultaneously without missing a beat. Employees can choose their preferred communication preferences between, phone calls, text messages, and emails. The VOLO Touch App also allows team members to log and track all of their notifications in one place.

Desktop Popup Alerts

With desktop popup you can instantly send vital communications to hundreds of computers simultaneously to ensure that important information reaches everyone, everywhere, immediately.

Emergency Panic Button

VOLO’s Panic button technology isn’t simply a button. Our panic systems have been designed to be triggered by anyone who has access and needs assistance. In the event of an emergency, real-time GPS coordinates can be sent with the touch of a button.

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