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K-12 education institutions deserve to be safe environments. Unfortunately, in today's schools, this is not always the case without taking critical security measures and safety precautions into account. VOLO offers the tools that are necessary to keep students and faculty connected, safe, and fully informed in a timely manner during critical situations.
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Emergency Panic Button

Arm your entire staff with the ability to trigger an emergency panic scenario with the click of a button. Scenarios can simultaneously alert the police, security, other staff, and anyone else via a variety of means including SMS, voice call, and email.

Mobile App Emergency Support

The VOLO Touch mobile app is armed with the ability to launch panic alerts as well as combining powerful two-way communications and geo-location features in one easy to use tool.

Desktop Popup Alerts

With desktop popup you can instantly send vital communications to hundreds of computers simultaneously to ensure that important information reaches everyone, everywhere, immediately.

Location-Based Check In 

Whether there's a natural disaster taking place or you need to routinely check in when you arrive at your destination, the VOLO Touch app allows staff members to communicate their location and status to their organization with the press of a button

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