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Emergency tools that save precious time.

VOLO’s Active Shooter Awareness Program “ASAP” combines the newest technology with proven emergency messaging systems to provide a solution specifically tailored for use by schools and universities.

By combining Volo’s web-based communications platform with our state-of-the-art VOLO Touch mobile app, we are able to give administrators, staff, and law enforcement the exact tools they need for awareness, communication and monitoring during the most critical situations.

Active Shooter Awareness Program

"See Something-Say Something" TipCenter
Your faculty, staff, students and their families are the eyes and ears of your community. Give them the tools they need to share information safely and anonymously. With our multi-media #seesay technology, tips can be reported by calling or via a text message with pictures or even video directly into a single dedicated line. Tips can also be filed anonymously online.
Panic Buttons for all staff
Arm your entire staff with the ability to trigger an emergency panic scenario with the click of a button. Scenarios can simultaneously alert the police, security, staff, and anyone else via a variety of means including SMS, voice call, and email.
Emergency check-in/status updates
Track and see exactly where your staff is on a live map and see who is "Okay" and who "Needs assistance" via the interactive check-in tool.
Geo-fence location privacy controls
While it is imperative that first responders and school administrators can keep track of faculty members locations during an emergency, it is also important that the tracking terminate  when employees leave work. To that end VOLO’s geo-fenced perimeter map activates location monitoring only within the boundaries of school property.
Desktop pop-up alerts 
Allow every staff computer in the entire building to receive immediate pop up alerts with detailed information and instructions during emergency situations.

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